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Vanderbilt Vs. NC State: Doin' Everything The Hard Way

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NC State shit made a big time appearance on Saturday night, as NC State blew a four-run lead in the eighth inning after a strike-three pitch with two outs got away from catcher Danny Canela and allowed the hitter to reach first base safely. If Canela corrals that pitch and gets the out, State takes a four-run lead into the ninth. The bullpen could have bailed the team out but wasn't up to the challenge. Vanderbilt used the extra out as a jumping-off point to tie the game. So it goes.

"We thought we had the game put away," NCSU coach Elliott Avent said. "It just shows you it's never put away. Some crazy things happened at the end."

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Now State must accept the arduous task of winning three straight games to advance--two of them over Vanderbilt. Ethan Ogburn figures to start the first game, and if we're fortunate enough to get another shot at Vanderbilt, Anthony Tzamtzis will get the ball.