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2012 NCAA Baseball Tournament: What Does NC State Have Left For Vanderbilt?

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Both NC State and Vanderbilt avoided dipping into their weekend rotations on Friday, which set both teams up nicely for the rest of the weekend. For NC State that meant being able to throw its No. 2 and No. 3 guys on Sunday, and it kept the team alive. For Vanderbilt, it means they've got their No. 3 starter available for Monday's decisive game. That's the difference between winning and losing on Saturday.

Now it's not entirely certain who State will send to the mound on Monday night, but Logan Jernigan--who has made 12 starts this year and was the Sunday guy for a while--figures to be the most likely choice. Vanderbilt is probably going to go with Tyler Beede.

Jernigan 5-1 4.88 48 54 33 10.1 6.2 1.6
Beede 1-5 4.48 66.3 60 29 8.1 3.9 2.1

If Jernigan is the guy Monday night, it's not hard to see what the key's gonna be for him: control. He's obviously got good stuff to be striking out 10 batters per nine innings, but his inability to command his pitches is a big reason why he ended up being replaced in the weekend rotation.

Beyond Jernigan, Avent has a few more bullpen options than one might expect at this point. That's all thanks to the blowout wins over Sacred Heart and Wilmington, which saved the bullpen's most important arms. Chris Overman will definitely be available, as he didn't pitch Sunday. I think Ryan Wilkins will be able to go, though it would be his third straight day pitching. He didn't throw a ton of pitches Saturday or Sunday. D.J. Thomas, Travis Orwig, Danny Healey ... not necessarily guys we want to rely on, but they're there.

I can't imagine we'd see Vance Williams on two days' rest, but this is all new territory, so who the hell knows. He threw 85 pitches on Friday.