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ESPN Takes A Shot At Ranking The ACC's Basketball Jobs

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It's June, which is the unofficial start of list season. ESPN polled 14 of its writers an analysts to assess how the head coaching jobs in the ACC stack up against each other, and the jobs that come in first and second aren't going to surprise anybody. State ranks fourth.

4. NC State: Let’s start with the bad. Every elite player that NC State’s head coach covets -- especially those within the Carolinas -- is probably interested in UNC and Duke, too. It’s always tough competing against a pair of titans right in your backyard. But North Carolina State has positioned itself for more success going forward. Next season, the Wolfpack could run the ACC with C.J. Leslie returning and Rodney Purvis joining the squad. With a professional arena to play in and the talent in place, it’s a great time to be head coach of the Pack.

I think they got the top four right. Florida State seems high at No. 6; I'd drop that job down to eighth, below Wake and GT.