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NC State Vs. UConn Game Set For Noon On Sept. 8

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ESPN released a bunch of game times on Thursday, which doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot to us this year since it's a rare season in which we don't have a Thursday-nighter. But it did clarify one of our non-conference dates: the UConn game on Sept. 8 has been set for noon ET on ESPN3 and the BIG EAST Network.

The ALL CAPS YELLING Network works like the "ACC Network" in that it's not a network but rather just a Raycom-esque production distributed via affiliates. This is a list of their affiliates from the 2011 football season. Based on that, it looks like MASN may carry the game, but that leaves TWC customers out of luck. (Or has that dispute been resolved?) At any rate, your best bet is to travel to Storrs. I'm just kidding; no one should do that. Go to a bar and they'll find it probably.