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ACC, Notre Dame Talking Orange Bowl

Since John Swofford mentioned Notre Dame was on the radar in the aftermath of dthe ACC's agreement with the Orange Bowl, it should come as no surprise that the league met with Notre Dame over the weekend. They'll only admit to discussing an arrangement involving the Orange Bowl, which leaves us right where we were on Sunday. Either the discussions were simply about the Orange Bowl and nothing more, or they were about the Orange Bowl and the potential addition of Notre Dame to the ACC. Let the baseless speculation continue!

Notre Dame officially confirmed discussions with the ACC about entry into the league's anchor bowl game in the new college football postseason landscape, which is perhaps a slight departure from athletic director Jack Swarbrick's initial vision of flexibility in bowl destinations.

"Since the development of the new plan for post-season football, the ACC and Notre Dame have had discussions relating to the Orange Bowl," spokesman John Heisler said Monday. "While presidents have been consulted, the discussions have been between ACC conference staff and Jack.