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David Amerson Named To Athlon's Pre-Season All-America Team, Plus Other Items

The accolades continue for David Amerson this week, who was named a pre-season first team All-American by Athlon. Amerson was one of five ACC players to make Athlon's first team, the others being Clemson's Sammy Watkins (WR), Maryland's Joe Vellano (DT), and Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert (TE) and Manti Te'o (LB). Wait. I've said too much. (Via.)

In other news...

-- Julius Hodge was the guest on this week's R&R podcast, which is definitely worth a listen. James and company are getting great guests on a regular basis, and it's always entertaining. And if you ever want to meet the guests they have on the show, you can watch them record the podcast in person at Amedeo's on Monday nights around 6:30.

-- As I mentioned a while back, SBN has established its own college football Hall of Fame. Half of the inaugural class was selected by a committee (that I was on), and the other half will be selected by fan vote over the next couple of days. Here are the inductees selected by the committee. Any selections you disagree with were someone else's fault.

Rivers and Holt didn't make the cut in the committee vote. (Could you vote them ahead of Vince Young or Randy Moss? I couldn't.) They could be on the fan ballot, though.

-- Debbie Yow on Kellie Harper:

"I think Kellie's a great X's and O's coach, very talented," Yow said. "I like that it's her at the helm, and I'm pulling for her to be successful. She'll call me on recruits, and I'll spend an hour with a recruit and their family. I do whatever I can to be sure she has what she needs to be successful. It's important to show that level of support."

That said, Yow also expects the women's team to make the NCAAs this season.

-- Matt Hill won his first golf tournament as a professional ... in Canada. I know how Ron Swanson feels about this.

-- If you missed it, NC State found its new softball coach; he was hired away from Boston University. This means we have a softball rivalry with Boston College now. In all seriousness, though, it's extra tough to build a decent softball program up north (same goes for baseball), so this looks--at least initially--like another very good hire on Debbie Yow's part.