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NC State Is Going To Charlotte (Says Video Game)

CBS Sports' Will Brinson simulated the 2012 season with the latest edition of EA's college football video game, and it appears we can start purchasing our tickets for the ACC title game now. Or not, since we know the outcome and it's bad.

ACC - Virginia Tech 12-1 (8-1) defeated N.C. State 31-14 in the conference championship.

FSU is back, baby! But we're slightly more here-for-the-first-time. There's always next year, Jimbo.

Despite the Pack's ACCCG appearance, it was UNC that received the league's other BCS bid. Make more sense, you damn game! I guess Larry Fedora was right--if you get up out of your seat, you will miss a billion Carolina touchdowns. Pretty sure he said a billion, but I don't want to lend the statement too much legitimacy by looking it up. Really it's no wonder they made it to the Sugar Bowl given that output.

Tennessee finished the year 10-3 in this simulation, which prompted untold celebratory YouTube videos from pickup truck-wielding Vol bros.

Elsewhere, Stewart Mandel took a shot at placing the major college football programs into tiers. NC State earned a Knight designation, and you must now bring us a shrubbery head coach that can recruit.

Heather Dinich took a stab at ranking the ACC's football coaching jobs and there's a lot that doesn't make sense.