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Let's Throw Some Footballs

As Luke DeCock points out, the Big Four schools are returning a lot of production at quarterback:

For the first time since 2009, all four of North Carolina’s ACC teams return starting quarterbacks: Mike Glennon at N.C. State, Bryn Renner at North Carolina, Sean Renfree at Duke and Tanner Price at Wake Forest, who collectively threw for 12,048 yards and 91 touchdowns in 2011.

In 2008, Duke’s Thad Lewis, North Carolina’s T.J. Yates, N.C. State’s Russell Wilson and Wake Forest’s Riley Skinner combined for 7,641 yards, in large part because of injuries to all four, but that group surged to 12,935 and 93 touchdowns in 2009. This year’s quadrumvirate should easily exceed that combined mark.

Thad Lewis also cracked the space-time continuum and created an alternate reality. To this day, if you say his name out loud, a thunderclap echoes in the distance and you are overcome with a completely foreign brand of apprehension. It's just best not to think about it too much.