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Rodney Purvis Ready To Step Into Secondary Role

Rodney Purvis knows there are plenty of expectations that come with being a McDonald's All-American, but he isn't letting that stuff cloud his view of the pecking order on this year's NC State team:

"Coming in, I feel like this was the perfect situation for me," Purvis said. "I could see if there was no Lorenzo Brown or C.J. Leslie and guys like that already on the team ... and everything was me-me-me, I'd probably look at it different. But I feel like with guys like Lorenzo and Scott Wood, other teams have to respect them. I just want to be myself and play like it."

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Sounds like he's prepared to take what other teams give him rather than trying to be a leader at the offensive end, which is an attitude that's going to benefit both Purvis and NC State this season. With blue chip recruits, there's always the worry that a sense of entitlement could create problems since reality can't always meet the lofty expectations created by years of high school stardom. (Sometimes it's the parents who bring that entitlement to the table. Not that I'm thinking of anyone in particular here. Nnnnope.) Purvis seems to have a good sense of perspective, though. His time as the go-to guy will come.