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NC State Athletics Department Releases 5-Year Strategic Plan

NC State released a comprehensive five-year plan for the athletics department on Monday.

The primary aim of the ICA strategic planning process was to focus on the core evaluative areas of: (1) Student-Athlete Academic Performance, Personal Development and Well-Being; (2) Competitive Excellence; (3) Branding, Marketing and Partnerships; (4) Facility Enhancement; (5) Financial Stability; and (6) Compliance Education and Culture. Six strategic planning committees comprised of internal and external constituents were formed to study and set the ICA five-year goals and strategies for each of the core areas. Representation on the committees included student-athletes, coaches, ICA administrators, donors, members of the University Athletics Council, university students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Among the stated goals:

• Developing sport-specific strategies to achieve "top 4" place finishes in conference standings or top 25 percent of ACC, whichever is higher;

• Continued improvement into the top 25 of the Directors’ Cup standings by 2017;

• A greater emphasis on offseason strength and conditioning programs;

• Enhancing State’s NCAA and ACC rules compliance education and monitoring programs;

• Using technology to streamline administrative tasks, maximize productivity and improve communication within the compliance office;

(That last link has a good bullet point review of the document, if you don't actually want to read it.)

There are ticket sales benchmarks for the two revenue sports as well as women's hoops and baseball.

Branding stuff:

Implement a policy regarding placement of institutional marks and logos on team uniforms.

Yes please. This along with the apparel deal should help the department achieve a more consistent look across sports, which I think is important.

Consistently utilize a text font to be used uniformly...

I like where this is going!

...throughout the Department of Athletics in all athletics communications.

Oh. Okay. Can we apply this to all uniforms as well?