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Lorenzo Brown Injury Update: PG Will Travel With Team To Spain, Probably Won't Play

Joe Giglio caught up with Mark Gottfried at an AAU event on Thursday and got an update on Lorenzo Brown's status. Not surprisingly, Gottfried says they're being very careful with Brown, and while he will travel with the team on its trip to Spain, he isn't likely to play in any of the games. Which is not to say that he won't be physically capable of playing at that point:

Gottfried said Brown likely would be able to play in Spain, and probably would if it were a regular-season game, but said there’s no reason to risk further issues.

"Our plan is to just go real slow with him," Gottfried said.

While Brown hasn't been cleared to run yet, it sounds like he'll essentially be day-to-day by the time the trip rolls around.

So with Brown apparently out of those Euro games, this becomes an even bigger opportunity for Tyler Lewis and Rodney Purvis, and Ralston Turner, who are going to have to play a lot of minutes because the next guard on the bench behind them is a mop. (A nice one, but still.)