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Mark Gottfried's Summer Press Conference

Mark Gottfried met with the media on Tuesday to speak about a number of different basketball topics. State's going to be conservative with Lorenzo Brown, which means he most likely isn't going to play in Spain next month, and that's no surprise to anyone given what we've heard up to this point.

His comment about Calvin Leslie's practice habits was, intentionally or not, another indictment of what went on during the Sidney Lowe era:

What does CJ Leslie need to do take another step forward after last season?
"For Calvin, the sign will be how good of a leader he can become, which goes along with his maturity level. Understanding that this team responds to him, he has to accept that. Where he's made great strides, in my opinion, are his practice habits. I thought early last year his practice habits were very poor, he just didn't understand how to work hard. When he finally last year really understood that there were results when he was practicing hard, that's when he took a step and really got better."

Gottfried also addressed preseason expectations, spoke about each member of the freshman class, discussed Bob Alejo's work with Jordan Vandenberg--who unfortunately has been MIA from Twitter--and said he hasn't been paying attention to the rosters of other ACC teams because we gone win no matter what woooooo.

Ralston Turner is not eligible to play in any of the games in Spain--I had assumed otherwise, so if I misled anybody I apologize for that. If Brown is held out, I don't know what the coaches plan to do for a fourth guard, but there's no question now that Tyler Lewis and Rodney Purvis are going to get lots of playing time.