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David Amerson Breaks Down His Interceptions

Before I forget again, I wanted to point out this awesome piece from Sporting News in which David Amerson breaks down the passes he picked off last season. Amerson offers up some insight on how the game is played at the major-college level, like how something as subtle as the position of his feet can govern how a play unfolds...

"We're in Cover 2 again, but right before the play, I saw the quarterback looking at me, and I saw the receiver look at me. They were looking at me to see if I was in Cover 2 or 3," Amerson explained. "You see how I've got my feet staggered like this? (see 0:56 on the above video) Right now, they're thinking I'm in 3 because I've got my feet staggered, and they think I'm going to back up. If my feet are set up parallel, they'll think I'm in Cover 2."

That's Amerson describing one of his INTs against Liberty, where he stayed in the flats rather than dropping deep like his feet suggested he would and picked off the pass as a result.