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College Football Playoffs: ACC, Orange Bowl Announce 12-Year Partnership Agreement

As noted earlier, the ACC and Orange Bowl have announced a partnership that will span 12 years beginning in 2014. That matches the start and time span of the new playoff format, of course. This secures a place for the ACC in the newfangled six-bowl "BCS." (A new name for the whole thing is coming at some point.)

Some details on the TV coverage of the Orange Bowl:

Yeah, that's big. It's the same setup that the Big 12 and SEC have with the new "champions bowl" they've established, I think. The Orange Bowl won't prove as lucrative as that game, but again, this is a good step forward for the ACC.

I just bought a yacht. And by that I mean three yachts.

That will help with negotiations for sure.

It's a no-brainer to involve Notre Dame whenever possible.

Good one, Joe! Real knee-slapper.