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ACC Power Rankings - Preseason Edition

Tampa-Pack’s ACC Power Rankings - Preseason Edition

Football season is here (almost), so without further ado, welcome to Tampa-Pack’s ACC power rankings. Why? Why not? Ok, not that we’ve cleared that up, let’s go.

  1. Florida State - FSU appears to be the favorite out of the gate.
  2. Virginia Tech - Always fields a strong team.
  3. NC State - If we have some guys that are serviceable LBs, we have a chance - and I think we have a chance!
  4. Clemson - Usually competitive, but will also have a couple uh-oh games.
  5. Georgia Tech - Things appear to be heading downhill quickly in the league from here. The best of the rest.
  6. Wake Forest - I could see them moving up or down a spot or two. Will still be a tough game for most everyone.
  7. Virginia - See Forest, Wake.
  8. North Carolina - Tweet, tweet.
  9. Boston College - Seems like they could realistically finish anywhere from 9 - 12.
  10. Maryland - Bet you miss Ms. Yow now, don’t you?
  11. Duke - I am going against the grain here and NOT picking Duke last.
  12. Miami - Will they even be fielding a team this season, or are they going to give themselves the "death penalty"?

So there you have it. Man, the Coastal Division is really weak this year. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!