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Mustafa Greene, Tyler Brosius Miss 1st Practice Because Of Academic Troubles

Unfortunately, it seems Wolfpack RB Mustafa Greene hasn't gotten his act together yet. Greene, defensive tackle A.J. Ferguson, and quarterback Tyler Brosius were absent from the first practice of fall camp because their academics are not in order. TOB said they're "still working to get themselves on the football field."

There were some notable additions, namely safety Tim Buckley, a Penn State transfer, but also some significant absences. Running back Mustafa Greene, backup quarterback Tyler Brosius and defensive tackle A.J. Ferguson did not participate in practice because of academic-related issues.

"They’re still working to get themselves on the football field," sixth-year coach Tom O’Brien said. "So, we’ll see if they make it or not."

The extent of their troubles is anyone's guess. The longer this draws out, the tougher it's going to be for Greene to break back into the RB rotation by the time the season starts. (Assuming he ever gets eligible.) A guy who has been out of live football action for as long as he has can't afford to miss practices.