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Sports Agent Connected To AAU Teams (No-Crap Exclusive)

The NCAA found a link between sports agent Andy Miller and several AAU teams. More specifically, they have an email in which Miller implores team administrators to get to work hooking him up with more players. Very, very explicitly:

"I get tired of being the 1 guy that has to get the 1st rd [sic] picks every year. I’d be happy to help you get guys + lend support. You have to want it + have to hustle. To create situations to manifest chaos + plow down walls to open up new opp’s [sic]," the email stated. "We’re facing a summer with no revenue. Yet, everyone will expect their checks, expenses reimburse [sic], etc. I try to give a consistant [sic] platform inorder [sic] to facilitate production. Am I getting the level of production in return that I want or expect?...You decided to be apart [sic] of it on some level…Do more than just give it thought, act on it."

If you were wondering how widespread these sorts of associations are, that first sentence should clear things up. Agents funnel money into these teams and they expect players delivered to them in return. He's tired of being the one agent that has to do actual work to get top prospects. Now I feel like an idiot for not becoming a sports agent. Hell, judging from this email, I wouldn't even have needed to graduate from high school.

How far down the rabbit hole does the NCAA want to go on this issue?