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NC State Wraps Up Spain Trip With 86-71 Win

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NC State finished up an undefeated run through Spain with an 86-71 win over Gran Canaria Select on Monday. Nobody got hurt on the trip and there were no fisticuffs, and that's all I need to characterize this trip as a success. Mark Gottfried agrees, though he offers his usual long-way-to-go refrain.

Wolfpack head coach Mark Gottfried was pleased by the overall improvement shown by his team on the trip, but noted there was still plenty of room for growth once preseason practice begins in October.

"I like the fact our guys had a lot of energy and played the right way," Gottfried said. "When I look at the trip, overall it was a good trip. We got a lot accomplished. I know where we want to be and I know what’s facing us down the road here and we’ve got to get a lot better."

Without question, T.J. Warren's production was the eye-opener of this trip. Or ear...opener? You know what I mean. Warren was a major factor at the offensive end throughout the trip, which was very encouraging and damn it needs to be basketball season already.