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San Diego State Coach Realizes Punts And Field Goals Are Super Lame

San Diego State head coach Rocky Long is considering doing something that is not nearly as crazy as college football coaches seem to think it is.

After reading articles about an idiosyncratic Arkansas high school coach who never punts, always onside kicks, and has tremendous success doing it, Long is toying with the idea for his Aztecs of no punts or field goal attempts once they’ve driven inside an opponent’s 50-yard line.

Conceivably, San Diego State would go for the first down whether it needed a couple of inches or 10 yards.


Will he wimp out on this after one game where it doesn't go very well? Yeah, probably. He seems far from sold on the idea anyway. If you're scared, get a dog, coach. There's a lot to be gained in a world where many coaches don't see a problem with punting on a fourth down inside the opponent's 40. If you commit to this sort of thing completely.