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Notes From NC State's Latest Football Scrimmage

NC State had a situational scrimmage on Tuesday that produced some passing numbers that look ugly out of context.

"They have to figure out whether they are ahead, behind or tied, and play to the clock and play to the timeouts," O'Brien said. "The kicking game becomes involved. It's much more of a mentally challenged scrimmage than it has been.

"This is where it separates the men from the boys. They get another opportunity come Sunday."

Among other things, TOB mentioned that David Amerson could be returning some kicks this season.

Charlie Hegedus is trying to break into the rotation at WR as a true freshman:

"First, I started off a little slow, but I've picked it up pretty fast now. I'm starting to get it down and it's starting to come easy now. We've done a lot of film study and I've gone over my playbook every night. Coach [Troy] Walters has helped me out a lot, too."

This whole WR situation is still terrifying. TOB says "it's still a work in progress, but we'll figure it out." Would it be possible to have an offense with nothing but tight ends? Maybe we could try that. The super jumbo.