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This Week in ACC Twitterings: In a Hurry Edition

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Welcome to your blah blah blah.

The Orlando Hampton Inn has a terrible wifi connection which I could lose at any minute, so we're gonna make this quick. This will certainly have punctuation and spelling issues, so, screw you very much, grammar nazis. It probably won't be very funny, either, since I have been deprived of porn all week.

More exclamation points from the coach who yells a lot. very funny ha ha get it?

i dont remember what was going on at the time, but apparently it was poorly officiated.

Coach K ina red shirt holding up a wolf sign hilarious.

UNC still cheats. a lot.
That's just funny cuz it will never happen.

Last one on the subject. Not funny:

Maryland's QB got hurt:

And the winner this week is not ACC related, but it was damn funny so I picked it:
Enjoy your we