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NC State Football Scrimmage No. 4: The Continuance Of The Furthering Of The Progression Of The Forward Movement

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This is pretty much the most Tom O'Brien statement imaginable:

"We were a little better this week than we were the last one so we are moving the right direction."

Well, we got a little better in this whole area here [waves hand in a circle, gesturing toward entire football field]. That whole area right there. And that's all you're going to get because if we were to release individual scrimmage statistics--like, say, Tennessee does--then someone might figure out that we've made all of these numbers up and that we've been playing Xbox the whole time.

In slightly more specific terms, TOB had some encouraging words for Mustafa Greene.

"You can see that [Greene] is back. He's pretty good assignment wise looked like he hadn't lost anything with going the right direction - his pass protection especially."

That's the surest way for Greene to get back into the rotation, short of running for a touchdown every time he touches the ball.


"[The wide receivers] are tired. Their legs are dead, they are ragged right now so we have to help get their legs back this week. We're going to need all the speed and quickness we can get when we play."

What a bunch of crybabies. I'm tired, my fibula was shattered in practice last week, my vision is blurry and I keep throwing up. Blah blah blah.