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ESPN's 50 In 50 Series: NC State Basketball Ranks 43rd

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In an effort to quantify success in college basketball and rank programs accordingly, ESPN has devised a point system to evaluate how programs have fared over the last 50 years. The particulars of that system can be found here.

As you probably guessed, NC State did not fare very well in these rankings thanks to spending so much time in school-sanctioned oblivion over the last 20 years. State checks in at No. 43, which is behind Kansas State and Weber State, among others.

Positives: Won two national titles; six conference tournament titles; five consensus All-Americans; six top-10 picks; 22nd most points through 1989.

Negatives: Lost 13 points due to sanctions and vacated wins; no ACC title of any kind since 1989; missed 10 consecutive NCAA tournaments from 1992 to 2001 (received minus-12 points in those seasons in this study).

As ESPN notes here, NC State was firmly in the top 25 before the wheels fell off post-V. ESPN's scoring system gives NCSU a total of 194 points from 1962-2012, and if my math is correct, NC State has earned just 27 points from the 1990-91 season to the present. So that's 167 points between 1962-63 and 1989-90 (28 seasons) and 27 points between 1990-91 and 2011-12 (22 seasons).