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ACC Power Rankings - Fall Practice Edition

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Football season is almost here, so before the season kicked off I wanted to update the power rankings now that fall practices have begun. So without further ado...

1 (1) Florida State - No reason to take them out of the top spot. There is even some talk of a FSU National Championship.

2 (2) Virginia Tech - A pretty quiet fall so far, which I am sure is good news for the Hokies

3 (3) NC State - Sure would be nice to have Underwood out there at WR, but I still think (HOPE) someone can step up.

4 (4) Clemson - I wonder what Sammy is doing with all his new found free time? Just say NO and stay away from drugs kids.

5 (5) Georgia Tech - Still looking like the best of the rest.

6 (7) Virginia - Seem to be having nice fall practices.

7 (6) Wake Forest - Will still be a tough game for most everyone.

8 (8) North Carolina - Did somebody say Pop Tarts?!? and they are playing for that whole North Carolina State Championship thinge...

9 (12) Miami - How will they face the adversity of the off season?

10 (11) Duke - Creeping up the Power Ranking...

11 (9) Boston College - What time do the Pats play?

12 (10) Maryland - Welcome to the basement...

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!