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Tom O'Brien Still Has That Syllabus Swag

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I don't know what prompted this response since I haven't listened to the radio show, but Tom O'Brien was once again inspired to bring up the fact that here at NC State we have syllabuses.

NC State coach Tom O'Brien taking a jab at the Tar Heels' academic scandal on his weekly radio show: "We do go to class here at NC State. We have syllabuses and we have instructors that show up, so they'd (the players) better be there."

Last November, as you may recall, TOB made similar remarks after Everett Withers poked the bear last season.

"At our school, number one, all classes have a syllabus. Our guys go to school, they are not given grades, and they graduate."

"It's a little tougher here, if you have to go to school and you are expected to have a syllabus and go to class. Our guys earn everything that they get here. Certainly all of our graduates earn everything that they get at this university."