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This Week in ACC Twitterings: Pee My Pants Edition

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Welcome to your ACC Tweets of the Week post, where we highlight the funniest stuff said in 140 characters or less, about any and everything related to ACC Sports.

Holy crap you guys! It's almost here! FOOTBALL!!

Next Friday at this time, all good Wolfpack fans will have left their crappy jobs early, and should be about 3 or 4 beers in. And, even if you can't make the trip to Atlanta, you should go the full tailgate treatment. Grill up some dogs, (as long as your grill isn't infested with giant, brightly colored spiders) put on your best team colors, and get in the spirit. Heck, I may even put the car flags on the minivan.

That being said, let's do an informal BTP community poll. Let me know in the comments if you will be traveling - our Dark Overlord is going and made mention on the Twitters of meeting up with some folks - or if you will be watching it in your respective Carter Finley remote field offices. Heck, maybe I can get him to teach me how to host a live blog for us broke losers that can't make the trip.

On to the tweets!

We had a special midweek edition on Tuesday, if you missed it you can see it here. Other than that, there was a lot of chatter about Julius Pepper's ill timed donation.

That's a good name for the building. But I like this name better:

Hee hee, nice one.

True, true. I didn't expect to hear from this guy until at least March:
But you know, after all of those great ideas of what to do with the money, the smartest guy on my timeline may have actually figured out what happened:

I was disappointed that this was the best one I found on this subject:

That's pretty dang funny right there. It is not, however, the Gold Star Tweet of the Week. No, my friends, the honor this week goes to a guy that has won it before, but for a non-ACC related Tweet. This week? Well, it's about as relevant to this here website as it gets:

HAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! HOLY CRAP!! I love the guy too, but you gotta admit that's hilarious!!!

Have a good weekend, everybody, and don't forget to cut your grass. All of your weekends are about to get real busy.