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SI's Profile Sheds Light On C.J. Leslie's Transformation

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Sports Illustrated posted a lengthy profile on everybody's favorite Calvin, and it's well worth the read. It's good insight into what has changed for Leslie, and why. Not surprisingly, Mark Gottfried gets a lot of credit. As late as January of 2012, he was having a "C.J. moment," which is whatgot him benched for the Wake Forest game in Winston-Salem.

"He was kind of blowing off practice like it wasn't a big deal and wouldn't make eye contact with me and he had that disinterested look that I hadn't seen very much," Gottfried says. "I threw him out of practice and the next game at Wake Forest I didn't start him and we won by 36 and he wasn't really a factor in the game. After that, his attitude started to change. He learned that he wasn't going to be allowed to turn his effort on and off like a faucet. He started trusting that what we were trying to convince him to do was good for him."