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Rickey Dowdy Will Make Everything Okay

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Tom O'Brien met with the media to talk a bit more about Friday's game, the defensive line, and the LBs...

How are the new starters at linebacker?

"I think they've progressed during camp. We've moved [Brandon] Pittman, who has been inside and been outside. To get the best three, he's in the best three, so it's better for us he's outside. [Rickey] Dowdy is more of an inside guy. We get Sterling Lucas back after a year with a knee injury. Those are three guys who have progressed through camp.

"The first test will be Friday night when they get on the football field and everything changes, and the crowd is roaring. Those are three positions that we really have to pay attention to as the game starts and progresses Saturday night."

Do you think Rickey Dowdy says "howdy, I'm Rickey Dowdy" to everyone he meets? If that were my name, I would do that and then I would have no friends. In my mind I drive away in a convertible every time after I say it, so it would be worth it. Everybody' would just be jealous they don't have a sweet-ass intro like that one, anyway. Get right the heck out of here with this weak "hi, I'm Tim" business, bub. Rickey Dowdy doesn't have time for that crap in between driving a convertible and dropping his chillacious vibe on the honeys.