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Bryan Underwood Injury: Wolfpack WR A Game-Time Decision, According To TOB

Bryan Underwood practiced a bit on Wednesday and could play in the Tennessee game, according to Tom O'Brien. So it doesn't look like he'll miss a significant chunk of the season because of the knee injury, which is quite a relief.

Did we see wide receiver Bryan Underwood out there today?

Underwood got on the field, we'll see how much he can do. We have to see how he reacts from getting a little bit of work. It will probably be a game-time decision, whether he can play or not.

And did TOB drop a little zinger on Tennessee here? See the part I put in italics.

Q. I know you're primarily concerned with your own team and success. Over the last few years the SEC has become the heavyweight; everybody is measured against them. Do you look at this at all for the ACC to change the perception a little bit, raise the quality of the league a little bit?
COACH O'BRIEN: Well, I don't think there's any question that the ACC has had bragging rights for the last couple years, as many national championships as they've won, and deservedly so. Certainly we haven't had much success going in this Chick‑Fil‑A game against the SEC.
It's incumbent against us to end up winning some football games. We're going to play this for us as the coaching staff, for the people here, for our school, the state. Certainly the ACC does come in to play.
We know we're going in there underdogs, not getting a lot of respect out of the Tennessee people. I guess you could be that way when you win all the time.

It's possible he meant "the SEC" when he said "you," but I'd much rather take this as a dig at the rather...generous amount of arrogance spewing forth from certain Tennessee fans.