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Rodney Purvis Ineligible For Spain Trip While NCAA Reviews Upper Room

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Hey, look, NCAA stuff. Everyone's favorite kind of stuff!

NC State announced Saturday that Rodney Purvis will not be making the trip with the team to Spain because the NCAA is currently evaluating his high school; Purvis was a member of the school's first graduating class.

The Upper Room, which has preschool students through the 12th grade, opened in 2001 and had 54 students in its high school grades this past academic year. Given Purvis’ class is the first to graduate, and he’s the first basketball player to go through the NCAA Clearinghouse, the review is considered a normal step in the eligibility process.

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"Normal step"? So not that big of a deal? Who the hell knows. I'm sure NCSU has been working for a while to get this resolved; it's too bad this whole thing is going to prevent Purvis from getting a free trip to Spain. I'd be so bummed.

Purvis reclassified twice in his prep career, going from the class of 2012 to the class of 2013 and back again. I don't know much about how that works, but maybe it raised some eyebrows.

With Purvis and Brown out, Jay Lewis and/or Staats Battle are gonna have to steal some minutes in Spain. Or we could let Richard Howell play point guard just to see what happens, which works just as well for me.