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NC State Basketball Notes: Sammy Sosa Guides The Pack Around Spain; Jordan Vandenberg Is Ready For A Breakout Year

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Here's the team's itinerary for Monday; one of State's guides is named Sammy Sosa. That's right, Major League Baseball is spying on you, pretty much around the clock.

-- Jordan Vandenberg has lost 16 pounds this summer and hopefully is ready to step into the big opportunity with which he's been presented. Vandenberg is also finding new opportunities thanks to Tyler Lewis:

Vandenberg has benefited from the arrival of freshman point guard Tyler Lewis, who has rewarded the big man’s effort to run the floor with pitch-ahead passes for layups. They’ve jokingly compared themselves to former UNC point guard Kendall Marshall and agile 7-footer Tyler Zeller.

How about you compare yourselves to Monte Towe and the great one Mr. Tom Burleson???? ......'s The kids these days got no hysterical perspeckle.

-- From Joe Giglio, more on Scott Wood's efforts to improve this offseason. He takes losing pretty hard:

After the home loss to the Heels on Feb. 21, which coincided with the worst three-game stretch of Wood’s career, he actually walked home from the Raleigh arena. Or at least he tried to.

"He got to about Hillsborough Street before I picked him up," his dad said. "He’s a stand-up guy, always has been, but sometimes he takes it too hard."

Don't remember the circumstances, but I've made that walk and I really don't recommend it.

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