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Michael Peek Injury: LB Tears ACL, But Wait, There's More!

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Linebacker Michael Peek, who was listed as the second stringer at WLB back in July, has been lost for the 2012 season because of an ACL tear. Freshman DE Joe Wright had meniscus surgery on Monday, and LB Robert Caldwell is still getting his eligibility sorted out.

"Joe Wright had surgery today on his left knee, meniscus. [Michael Peek] has an ACL so he'll be out the rest of the year."

"[Tyler] Brosius will no longer be part of the program."

"[Robert] Caldwell isn't cleared to practice. We had to go back and get something but due to the weekend - the College of the Canyons was closed - but we think we have the right stuff coming today."

So we're down another linebacker. Naturally the injuries would start there.

Brosius' departure makes way for freshman Manny Stocker to assume the backup QB role, and fortunately he at least was around to participate in spring practice. If Glennon gets hurt, it's still a disaster, but every little bit of extra practice counts.