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Mark Gottfried Offers His Support To Rodney Purvis On Twitter, Plus Other Items

-- Mark Gottfried is on the #FreeRodneyPurvis bandwagon.

Gottfried wrote on his Twitter account Sunday that Purvis has "has worked hard and hopefully he will join us soon." He ended the tweet with "#freerodneypurvis."

Gottfried wrote again Monday that "we miss @rpurvs_0" with the same hash tag.

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-- Speaking of the freshmen, they've apparently had their share of moments in practice:

It was a developing fast break during a recent North Carolina State basketball scrimmage, with each push of Tyler Lewis’ dribble increasing the tempo.

Suddenly, as defenders retreated, he whipped a Showtime feed that found Rodney Purvis streaking in from the wing.

Freshman to freshman for a super-sized slam dunk.

"He threw like a no-look bounce pass. It was crazy," junior Lorenzo Brown said. "And Rodney just backdoored somebody and just dunked it like crazy."

-- NC State hopes to learn a few things about this team in Spain. Richard Howell took a Spanish class as preparation for talking to Spanish chicks. (Good move, dude.)

-- Brosius' transfer is no big deal and there's no need to qualify that statement. The marginal difference between Brosius and Manny Stocker is likely so insignificant that it wouldn't matter--from a W/L perspective--which guy replaced an injured Mike Glennon. In the event of a Glennon injury, it's season over, good night, and we'll see ya when the Pete Thomas era begins--Brosius or no Brosius.

-- Tennessee has some depth problems at tight end.