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NC State Improves To 2-0 In Spain With 80-57 Win Over CB Torrejon

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NC State defeated CB Torrejon 83-76 in Spain on Tuesday, and those two teams met again Wednesday. This time around things were much easier for the Wolfpack, which had a 15-point lead at halftime and wasn't really challenged after an early second-half run by Torrejon cut the lead to single digits. Dealing with the officiating sounded like a challenge once again, but that meant nothing to the end result, as State rolled to an 80-57 win.

After the game, Mark Gottfried spoke to the team's makeshift radio crew and had this to say:

"Our defense, early in the game, was so much better than yesterday. We got a little bit better. Today we just seemed to be fresher, even though we played last night."

"We contained the dribble better, really gave us trouble yesterday, and today our guys got down and really moved their feet and contained the ball."

"We struggled to score the ball around the rim a lot. We had 80 we could have had a 100, if we had just made some shots around the rim."

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NC State's next game is scheduled for Friday.