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A.J. Ferguson, Robert Caldwell Cleared; Mustafa Greene's Status Still Uncertain

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A.J. Ferguson and Robert Caldwell were in camp and practicing Wednesday, their eligibility issues resolved, but there's still no word one way or the other about Mustafa Greene.

N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien said Ferguson has been cleared to return to practice while the coach is still waiting for the final grades from summer school for Greene.

Greene missed the entire 2011 season with a foot injury. The team's leading rusher as a true freshman in 2010, Greene missed most of spring practice due to disciplinary issues with O'Brien.

"Ferguson's grades have posted, Mustafa's haven't yet," O'Brien said. "They've been able to work out because they're still eligible. That's where we are right now."

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If Greene was waiting on his grades from the second summer session, I'm not sure what the hold up could be. Other than the obvious hold up, which is the adverse wind otherwise known as NC State Suspense**!

(**It's been re-branded for the fall TV season.)