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Notre Dame Joins The ACC: Here's What We Know So Far

It's a huge day for the ACC, and there are a lot of details now to iron out with Notre Dame joining the conference in all sports save football. Notre Dame and the ACC have worked out an agreement where the Irish will play five ACC schools each year, and that arrangement is hopefully going to start in 2014.

Here are some additional details from earlier in the afternoon:

-- As it stands now, the Irish are set to join the ACC in 2015-16. That timetable isn't set in stone, though.

-- Swofford re: the football rotation: three games will be at home, two on the road, which will alternate the following year.

-- If something should change regarding football independence, ND is "committed to the ACC."

-- Despite maintaining its independence, Notre Dame football will join the ACC's bowl rotation. Notre Dame could still play an ACC team in the Orange Bowl, if the bowl is so inclined.

-- There are no plans to add a 16th school.

-- The league's exit fee is now $50 million and applies to Notre Dame. It will continue to increase.

-- The ACC is already talking with ESPN about an enhanced television contract.

-- Notre Dame will keep all of its football revenue, and the ACC will keep its own revenue as well. The Irish will get the standard 1/15 cut of the hoops revenue.

-- There will be three ACC Tournament games on Wednesday, and the top four seeds will earn byes.