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Tom O'Brien Too Busy Pointlessly Obscuring Earl Wolff's Status To Care About Notre Dame News

Tom O'Brien thought about having an opinion on the latest ACC expansion news, but then he remembered he'd be retired by the time any of it actually took effect.

I'm just wondering what your reaction is to the news of Notre Dame joining the ACC.
I just walked off the practice field and found out. I really don't have any reaction because I don't know much about it. But obviously the ACC thinks it's good for us, so it's good for us. That's my reaction.

Never wonder about TOB's reaction to a thing. It is always the same.

I'm just wondering, last week y'all played a 10-7 game...

Dammit, man! Fine. If you must.

In other news, TOB wasn't willing to update Earl Wolff's status--"I don't have an injury report," he said, like he misplaced a document--but Wolff wore an "injured" jersey at practice on Wednesday, according to Giglio. Wolff's availability for Saturday's game is anybody's guess at this point, because this information is vital to national security.