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NC State's Offense Is Good At Avoiding Holding Penalties

The Tallahassee Democrat went back through 20 years of ACC box scores in an effort to determine if Florida State has really been getting the shaft from officials since joining the league. Their focus is on holding calls, and while the numbers are certainly interesting, they don't prove much of anything. (Not surprisingly.) There were a few tidbits involving NC State, including the fact that the Pack's offense has been called for the fewest holds (40) in the ACC since 2005. The Seminoles (83) have been called for the most. Also:

Since 2005, the difference between holding penalties called against FSU’s offense and those drawn by its defense is -25. Only Miami (-26) and Wake Forest (-27) have worse ratios. North Carolina State (+29), North Carolina (+23) and Clemson (+20) have the best ratios.

Good job, Tom O'Brien and Chuck Amato. Or, good job, refs. Whichever. I'd be interested to see the year-to-year numbers for NC State's defense. How many holds did those 04/05 defenses draw? One would think those totals would be among the highest for the Pack over the last 20 years, but then again, one would think Florida State's defenses would be among the ACC's best in this area, and they haven't been.

On a side note, this seems kind of impossible:

What surprised me more than maybe anything else in the research was that since 2005 Duke’s defense has drawn more holds than Florida State. And Virginia Tech. And Miami.

But hey, maybe the Blue Devils have some sort of top secret oh god I can't even finish this sentence.