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Photos Of NC State's New Basketball Uniforms

Apparently it was photo day for the men's basketball team on Friday, and Mark Gottfried posted a couple of pictures of the team's new look to his Twitter account. (Click photos to enlarge.)

What do you think? More pics after the jump.

So the interlocking N and C have been incorporated into the uniforms, which is not surprising given our football uniforms this year. I actually don't mind it on the basketball uniforms as much as I thought I would. Rodney Purvis tweeted a good closeup of the lettering.

I'm not really sure what's going on with the shorts, but at least they've made an attempt at a little more flair.

Hadn't noticed until Ralston Turner posted this image, but there's a couple of wolves howling around the collar. That, uh, that maybe was not the best aesthetic choice.