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NC State Rolls To 31-7 Win Over South Alabama


NC State had no trouble with South Alabama en route to a 31-7 win on Saturday night. The Wolfpack still didn't impress much in the trenches, as State's running backs averaged just 3.8 yards per carry, but I suppose that was to be expected. It's what happens every year, though it's still disappointing.

Mike Glennon was all State needed to pace the offense, though, and both Rashard Smith and Quintin Payton caught the first touchdown passes of their careers. Glennon was locked in during the first half and made the Jaguars pay for mistakes down the field. When he got the time he needed from the offensive line, he didn't miss, and that's what we needed to see in this game.

State took its foot off the gas pedal in the second half, which made for an uneventful final 30 minutes. True freshman quarterback Manny Stocker got some reps on a couple of series, but he wasn't allowed to really run the offense.

The offense and defense were both very good in the first half; Mike Glennon was able to find some rhythm and David Amerson picked off a pass with his magnet hands. The team had to have an encouraging performance like that, and although it would have been nice to see that dominance carry through the second half, it wasn't necessary.