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Tampa-Pack’s ACC Power Rankings - Week Three

Week Three of the season is in the books. The Pack had an easy one this week. Big week for the ACC off the field, not so much on it this week. Let's go!

1 (1) Florida State - Is FSU a legitimate title contender? It looks like they are the class of the league right now. Big test next week.

2 (2T) Clemson - Beat Furman handily. We'll see how they stack up against FSU next week.

3 (4) Georgia Tech - Beat a solid Virginia team to leapfrog the Hokies.

4 (2T) Virginia Tech - Pitt making a statement for next season, or did the Hokies forget to show up?

5 (5) NC State - Took care of Alabama, South Alabama...

6 (6) Virginia - Not sure if that game said more about GT or Virginia. We'll see.

7 (7) Wake Forest - Got crushed by FSU, but I suspect so will many ACC teams this season.

8 (10) Miami - Looking like the best of the rest.

9 (8) North Carolina - Unfortunately, their hopes of winning the Kentucky state championship fell just short. Two weeks, two goals down the drain...

10 (9) Duke - Leading and should pick up a W against their crosstown rival...

11 (11) Boston College - Loss a tough one at Northwestern.

12 (12) Maryland - Couldn't win the Edsall Bowl.

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!