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ESPN Previews NC State Basketball

ESPN is running a preseason preview series of the top 20 teams in Joe Lunardi's 2013 bracket, and not surprisingly, NC State is among those 20 schools. It's weird that that's not surprising. Anyway, Eamonn Brennon touched on a few different topics here, including Calvin Leslie:

When he's on, he's a force, particularly in the paint. According to Synergy scouting data, 24.4 percent of Leslie's possessions came in the post, where he can score over his left shoulder or over his right shoulder, and where he oftentimes pivots and faces up against his defender before diving toward, and finishing at, the rim. And that's just in the half court. Because he's so athletic, Leslie was a major target for NC State in transition, where the Wolfpack played nearly 20 percent of their possessions, and finished ranked No. 87 in the country in Ken Pomeroy's adjusted tempo.

Man, I might have to rob a bank to get my hands on that Synergy data.

Andy Katz asked Lorenzo Brown five questions. There's also an Insider story that appears to be a more in-depth preview, if you happen to be a subscriber.