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Rodney Purvis Fully Cleared By NCAA

Not long ago, SNY's Adam Zagoria tweeted a report that Rodney Purvis was about to be fully cleared by the NCAA, and indeed that's just what happened. The Wolfpacker confirms:

Huge relief. The longer it went on, the less encouraging the situation sounded to me. But the NCAA is now satisfied so we can party it up in this piece. AND NOW TO THE DREAMATORIUM

Zo Brown / Tyler Lewis

Rodney Purvis / Scott Wood

Wood / TJ Warren

Calvin Leslie / Richard Howell / MegaHorse

Richard Howell / Jordan Vandenberg

That is certainly a much more comfortable guard situation...I mean, we could have made due, but the added flexibility with Purvis in the fold is a major boost. Okay, there's no stopping the excitement train now. Please don't hurt me this time, basketball.