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Julius Mays And Ryan Harrow Recruit Julius Randle To Kentucky

It's amazing how things work out... here is Julius Mays, former NC State basketball player and current Kentucky Wildcats basketball player, hosting NC State target Julius Randle as a member of the Kentucky Wildcats.

That night I just hung with the players. And later, around 2 a.m. me, Archie and Julius (Mays) ended up going to gym to get some shots up. We stayed for about an hour. I loved that because I’m a gym-rat and the gym is about 10 steps away from the players' dorm. Julius Mays left a little earlier than we did.

Randle is the top forward prospect in the class of 2013.

And Mays and Ryan Harrow are going to be playing in the same backcourt together this season. For Kentucky. This is the worst script ever; who wrote this garbage?


I would like to deal with it right now, but I'm just not sure that I'm up to it. Sorry, Carmelo. I'm so sorry.