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NC State Expected To Participate In 2013 Carrier Classic

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This is so cool. They're going to expand the Carrier Classic to eight teams next season, and NC State is reportedly among the schools that will participate. The others: Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Florida State, Wake Forest, Gonzaga, and Davidson. You're gonna need a bigger boat, Carrier Classic.

The 2013 event will be held at multiple military-themed locations, potentially including the USS Yorktown, the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi and the USS Midway in San Diego. New Orleans, which hosts the National World War II Museum and hosted the 2012 Final Four, could also host a Navy carrier.

Getting a shot at Kentucky would be a whole lot of fun, though this will be good exposure for us regardless of who we play. Kudos to Mark Gottfried and Debbie Yow for getting NC State involved in a great event like this, if the report is indeed true. Now, who am I gonna have to bribe in order to get a ticket?

UPDATE: Or not. :(


UPDATE II: Or maybe! Mark Armstrong spoke to Thomas Lee, who is one of the tournament organizers.

Lee also said Adam Zagoria's info is accurate, so this is a bit more encouraging.

UPDATE III: Or not again. We're on a boat we're off a boat we're on a boat we're off a boat we're on a boat we're off a boat