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Eric Leak Reportedly Involved In David Amerson's Agent Selection Process

In case you've forgotten, NC State disassociated itself from former football player Eric Leak last November after it was discovered that he had provided improper benefits to Tracy Smith and Calvin Leslie. Those benefits earned Leslie a three-game suspension.

According to Sports Agent Blog's Darren Heitner, though, Leak is still very much associated with NC State athletes, including David Amerson:

An experienced business manager to NFL prospects first informed Sports Agent Blog that Leak is still very much involved in the affairs of NC State University student-athletes, and is reportedly running the agent process for David Amerson, a true Junior who amassed 13 interceptions last season at the CB position, setting an ACC record.

When reached for comment, Leak denied the allegation regarding Amerson, calling it "1 million percent" not true. Amerson's mother also denied the report, not surprisingly, and said they're doing everything "by the book."

This whole thing is unsettling, to be sure, though it doesn't mean David Amerson has done anything wrong, even if it is all true. What particularly concerns me is that bit about Leak being involved in the affairs of student-athletes, plural. I'm sure Debbie Yow and company will revisit this, so we'll just have to wait and see what they conclude and how they respond. Tom O'Brien sounded very confident this morning that there was no wrongdoing on Amerson's part, so maybe this is a whole bunch of nothin'.