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The Citadel Bulldog Bullet Train

America should return to Tom O'Brien's hat for military appreciation day, but will it be enough to stave off The Citadel's upset bid? (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
America should return to Tom O'Brien's hat for military appreciation day, but will it be enough to stave off The Citadel's upset bid? (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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Our four factors feature is again on hiatus this week, as the Pack plays an FCS team for which factors are not available. The factors from last year feature will return for next weekend's conference opener against Miami, and this year's data should be available after week 7. For what it's worth, the Football Outsiders didn't care much for State's win over SOAL, the 118th ranked team in FBS. Coupled with Tennessee's lopsided loss to Florida, the Pack's game against SOAL made their schedule strength take a big hit, and the Pack slid from 38th to 42nd in the most recent rankings.

After the jump, get to know The Citadel with these handy dandy bullets.

  • I don't know if this is where all of that THE Ohio State University nonsense emanates from, but it's "The Citadel" people, not just Citadel
  • The Bulldogs are averaging 466 total yards per game, 10th in the FCS
  • The Citadel's 370 yards rushing per game trail only Southern Conference rivals Wofford and Georgia Southern among FCS programs
  • The Citadel is 9th in scoring offense among FCS programs, averaging 41.3 points per game
  • The Bulldogs average 6.3 yards per rush
  • Like most option teams, The Citadel rarely puts the ball in the air, but when it does: WATCH OUT! The Bulldogs average 13.1 yards per pass attempt and 24 yards per completion
  • For comparison sake, State is averaging 2.6 yards per rush, 6.7 yards per pass, and 11.3 yards per completion
  • The Citadel's two-headed QB monster has posted a 179.51 QB rating, 3rd in the FCS
  • Aaron Miller is the more likely threat to throw, having completed 9 of 13 passes for 206 yards
  • Ben Dupree gets the majority of snaps yet has only attempted 8 passes, completing 3 for 82 yards
  • Dupree has 54 carries for 349 yards; Miller has 23 carries for just 68 yards
  • The Citadel spreads the wealth: 6 guys have at least 10 rushing attempts and 5 ball carriers have at least one rush of 20+ yards
  • No Pack running back has broken a run of more than 16 yards, though WR Tobias Palmer went for 28 yards on an end around
  • The Bulldogs' top running backs are Darien Robinson (29 carries for 241 yards and 2 TDs) and Rickey Anderson (23/215/5)
  • Anderson averages 9.2 yards per run; Robinson averages 8.3 yards per run
  • At 6-0, 220, Robinson is a load; he ran for 88 yards and a score last year against South Carolina
  • Not surprising for a military academy, the Bulldogs are disciplined: they are 9th in the FCS in penalties per game (3.7) and 6th in yards penalized per game (25)
  • Cass Couey has not been called upon to punt very often, with just 6 boots in 3 games, but he has been solid when called upon, averaging just over 40 net yards per punt (6th in the FCS)
  • The Citadel is +4 in turnover margin, good for 17th in the FCS
  • Linebacker Carl Robinson is the heart and soul of the defense; he has 32 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery
  • The Citadel have been at odds with opponents, outscoring them by a combined 80-14 in the 1st and 3rd quarters

As a reminder, there will be live blogging for this one. Kickoff from Carter-Finley is slated for 6 p.m. The live blog is BYOB.