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Tom O'Brien Just Needs 20 Or 30 More Games To Feel Good About This Stupid Crummy Team


Is four weeks enough prep time for the rigors of ACC play? No, obviously not. Tom O'Brien would never be comfortable with that or any other amount of prep time, what with him being a football coach and all that. Which prompted this response to a question about it:

Are you comfortable going into conference play with the way things have gone in the first four weeks?
"I don't have a choice, so I guess I am."

Give TOB another 20 games, 30 games tops, and he will absolutely be in a state of mind to begin to think about considering possibly feeling somewhat at ease with the status of the Wolfpack heading into a game against another ACC team. But until then, next friggin' question, pal.

I was joking on Twitter earlier that TOB's statement perfectly describes my relationship to NC State sports, because I was brought up as a State fan from birth and never had a choice (and never considered alternatives) although really no one in their right mind would choose to cast their lot with this school. Am I okay with everything NC State does? Heck no, but it's far too late to opt out. Not that I'd have it any other way.