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Debbie Yow Provides An Update On Indoor Practice Facility

AD Debbie Yow answered questions for Wolfpack fans during a chat on Thursday.

Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

During a chat on Thursday, athletics director Debbie Yow addressed a bunch of questions, including one about an indoor practice facility for football. According to Yow, plans to renovate Reynolds as well as the addition of an "indoor practice facility for all field teams" have been approved. Additionally, she mentioned that the long-term plan for the swim teams is a facility on Centennial Campus.

The campus has approved fundraising efforts for a renovation of Reynolds Coliseum and for an indoor practice facility for all field teams. It will likely be located near the Murphy Football Center and when it will be built depends on the success of the fundraising initiatives.


We renovated the front lobby of the Casey Aquatics Center and we are now considering renovations with campus recreation of the locker rooms. The long-term fix will involve a new aquatics center on Centennial Campus, which will not occur for years.

She was also asked about Doak Field, and while she said they've had internal discussions about improvements, there is no official plan for changes at this point. Which is understandable given that Doak is well below the items mentioned above on the list of necessary renovations. The fact of the matter is that the capacity of Doak Field is only an issue for a small percentage of home games--when we play UNC or ECU, maybe a game against a top-10 team here and there, and when we host a regional.