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Tampa-Pack’s ACC Power Rankings - Week One

For good (or bad depending on your team affiliation) college football is back. There were some really great games and a lot of not so great ones. Seems like Glennon and Amerson are still wondering what time the PACK kicks off...

1 (1) Florida State - No reason to take them out of the top spot. They beat their cupcake quickly and easily.

2T (2) Virginia Tech - Not how I expected them to start the season, but they did get a conference win.

2T (4) Clemson - Beating an SEC is always a quality win. Well done.

4 (5) Georgia Tech - A conference loss, but against one of the better teams keeps them high for this week.

5 (3) NC State - Couldn't get it done against Tennessee. Some are surprised, others not so much. Assuming Glennon and Amerson decide not to both do THAT again the remaining games should be better.

6 (7) Virginia - A win is a win. I still suspect this team is going to have a nice season.

7 (8) North Carolina - They thumped Elon and are 1-0 on their state championship quest. Pop-Tarts all around!

8 (12) Miami - 1-0 in the conference is better than the alternative.

9 (11) Duke - Score a lot of points against FIU. Tougher tests to come.

10 (6) Wake Forest - Pulled it out late against Liberty

11 (9) Boston College - Played Miami tough.

12 (10) Maryland - Welcome to the basement...

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!